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Our iiREP (instant intelligence Reporting) system is a suite of online tools designed to deliver fast, beautiful, engaging dashboards and to automate the production of PowerPoint, Excel and PDF reports.

With a number of tools to enhance your data, iiRep can create a fully flexible and customisable reporting portal, with any styling, colours and branding required.

Create unlimited customised charts and reports with our online reporting tools, from as little as £X per month.

Bespoke Development

With an active in-house development program our skilled and experienced team are always on hand to help when you need something a little bit different. Whether customizing a report layout to suit your client, setting up a data capture project or processing your source data prior to a report – we’re happy to help.

Contact us to find out how we can help.

Unlimited support

We offer customers dedicated support on all our services. Our team will help you to produce fully customised online reports, showing your company’s styling and branding (or your clients branding) as required. And with our bespoke development services we are always happy to go that extra mile to ensure that your project is successful.

The Embrace Engine

Our fast data-processing engine sits behind iiREP. All reports run directly against respondent-level data (not tables or other aggregated data) via Embrace. Data is held in a highly optimised format for blazing fast performance.

This means that whenever you want to look at a new wave of data or apply a new filter, you don’t have to visit the DP Team, or run and tables and post-process them with a graphics program. All of the output is generated live, on-the-fly, by iiREP from the respondent-level data.


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