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“Quadrangle have been working with Data Liberation for several months, building numerous reporting sites for our clients. The team at Data Liberation are experienced in handling large data sets and have automated a number of our complex tracking studies, allowing us to spend more time analysing the data. The Top Line Reporter and Deck Creator tools have proven particularly useful for producing quick and easy PowerPoint decks, which we can then use in our presentations. Data Liberation Reporting is now offered as our go to solution in pitches/tenders where an online data solution is required. This puts us in a great position to offer an affordable reporting site to our clients.”

Darren Webb, Group Operations Director and Partner at Quadrangle



“I've been working with Data Liberation for a number of years and they have developed into an excellent long term partner for us. They are always the first to be considered for any online reporting project we are involved in. Their key strengths include really understanding data and how to report it as well as the ability to listen to out needs and guide us to a solution that accommodates both time and budget. I find the whole team to be very responsive and a really nice group of people to work with."

Greg Berry, Director at BDRC Continental

"Data Liberation have been providing us with monthly dashboards for over 4 years now. These were designed from scratch to a complex spec taking data from over 30 research questions, industry data covering two markets and using data sets in excess of 19,000 responses annually. Parameters covered require monthly updates. Data Liberation have handled these large data sets, complicated data structures and regular updates with aplomb - dashboards are produced successfully to tight deadlines with a deal of good humour, flexibility and responsiveness. Data Liberation are not only producing impressive reliable outputs but are extremely pleasant to deal with and I have no hesitation in recommending them."

Annabelle Spooner, Owner of ASR Associates



"The global Ipsos Mobile team have been working with Data Liberation for the last 2+ years. We initially came to them asking for ways to visualise our Mobile Application data and media and asked them to think of ways in which we can show this data, in real-time, to both internal and external clients. What they came back with, allowed us to easily create new online dashboards for all of our projects, including quick views of the overview of any project in field, dynamic charts of each question with filtering, a location tab to map the GPS locations we collect and a very nice carousel tool to view all the media we collected throughout fieldwork. It was fantastic to work with a partner, who with very little input or direction from us, really thought outside of the box in terms of ways to display our data.

Leading on from this, we’ve recently been working with them to visualise and map our new “Geo-Tracking” concept, where we want to plot population flows on a virtual map, showing the routes people take to a particular venue or location. Data Liberation have be invaluable to us with the ideas of ways to show the data and across everything we have done with them, they have been the perfect partner to work with.

I couldn’t recommend them highly enough."

Simon Gallagher, Head of Mobile Operations at Ipsos Interactive Services